Since making the decision to raise alpacas in 2007, we have focussed on breeding high quality animals that will maintain fibre density and fineness as they age. To further this goal, our bloodlines include progeny from Bolivian Ice Man, Silver Cloud Armani, Peruvian Ivano and Silver Cloud Talano. To monitor our results, most of our herd is fibre tested annually by Yokom-McCall.

We have decided to maintain a relatively small breeding herd of about twenty-four animals - this enables us to get to know the individual animals' personalities as well spending time halter - training them, using Marty Bennetts Camelidynamics methods.

As well as offering alpacas for sale, we also offer breeding, agisting and the sale of fibre, rovings and finished goods. All of our fibre is processed locally in Odessa at the Wilton Road Fibre Mill and the majority of our goods are handmade from our own alpacas.

Beginning in 2011, we will also be offering limited quantities of specially formulated hay for alpacas and llamas; a blend of Orchard and Brome grasses with a small percentage of alfalfa. We also have round bales of a timothy/alfalfa/clover mix suitable for horses and cattle. Our hay is tested and lab analysis results are available on request.

If you are in the area, please feel free to stop in for a visit, meet the alpacas, have a coffee and "talk alpaca" !