When you visit Hickory Lane Alpacas, not only will you enjoy seeing our beautiful herd of alpacas, you get to meet some of the other four-legged furry things that call Hickory Lane home.

 Like most farms, we do have our share of barn cats.  While most are a bit wild, we have two, Bucky and Patches who spend most of their time on the porch by the door.  They seem to be convinced that if they're cute enough, they might get to be housecats!  One thing we don't have in the barn is a mouse problem!





Stompin' Tom (aka Mac)

Occupation:  Retired Show Jumper

Mac is our daughter Jen's retired show jumper.  He is a big (17.3 hands) Clyde Thoroughbred cross and was her constant companion for ten years on the National and Provincial Show Jumping circuit.  They did extremely well on both and when the time came, Jen couldn't bear to sell him, so he came to live at Hickory Lane.  Mac is the baby of the horse group, just coming up on twenty-one this year.  He is an absolute character who likes to think he's tough, but he is really as gentle as a lamb.  For some inexplicable reason Buster, one of our alpaca geldings seems to have a crush on Mac and will approach the fence with his head down and tail up.  Mac for his part just seems to think the adoration is his due!



Occupation:  Retired Eventer, Dressage & TV Star

Beau is a lovely retired thoroughbred who was given to us by Jen's riding coach.  He is almost thirty now, but is still active and still enjoys the occasional gallop up the laneway with his good pal, Mac.  Beau is a former eventer and dressage horse and did appear in a couple of episodes of "Due South", hence the TV Star moniker.  Beau is an absolute gentleman to work with, always easy to handle and a pleasure to be around.






Occupation:  Retired broodmare

Dovie is absolutely one of the gentlest, sweetest-natured horses I have ever worked with.  She is a retired broodmare who is close to thirty and seems to think all the alpacas are babies.  She gets very excited when the crias are born and will pace the fence, calling and nickering to them.  Novena was not impressed with these overtures to her baby, and one well-aimed spit made it clear to Dovie that admiration from a distance was a better option.