Our website would not be complete without saying "Thank you" to the many people who have helped us make our "Alpaca Dream" a reality.  It has been quite a learning curve, but we have made some wonderful friends along the way, while discovering the magical charms of these amazing animals!


Dr. Nancy Carr, Silver Cloud Alpacas

 Nancy has been a friend, a mentor and the person whose phone number is at the top of my "Oh God, What Do I Do Now" list.  Her knowledge and understanding of alpacas never fails to amaze me, and her impeccable record keeping is something that I can only aspire to.  Prior to our purchase of Nicandro and Sylvano, many of our girls were bred at Silver Cloud Alpacas, using Nancy's herdsires.  The care they received was amazing, and Nancy was always happy to have us come up and learn how to "supervise" the breeding process.

We are thrilled that we "discovered" Nancy and Silver Cloud Alpacas early in our alpaca journey and we will always be grateful for all the help and advice (and alpacas!) that she has provided.


Paul Moorby, Wilton Road Fibre Mill

 Shearer and alpaca whisperer extrodinaire!  Paul's number is right up there with Nancy's!  Paul has been invaluable to this endeavour - from shearing and toenail trimming to haltering and leading alpacas, Paul's quiet, never - get - upset demeanor has been amazing!  He has helped deliver babies, give shots, build feeders and has been an incredible calming influence (especially when an alpaca is going into labour and I'm starting to panic!). Once again, thank you, Paul for everything!


Janet and Avery Wagg, Tracey Asselstine, Wilton Road Fibre Mill

Janet and Tracey have been an incredible source of knowledge and expertise in the amazing and sometimes baffling world of fibre.  For the uninitiated, skirting and sorting alpaca fibre can be a daunting task, but Janet and Tracey were kind enough when I was struggling through the results of our second shearing, to explain and show me how to sort my fibre to get the best end product.  To this day, when I'm sorting fibre, I still hear Tracey saying " Your end product will only be as good as the worst handful of fibre you throw in."  Needless to say, I'm very careful about what goes to the mill!

Janet and Tracey were also the motivation for my discovery of a whole new world of creativity - spinning and weaving.  With their help and encouragement, I learned how to spin my lovely alpaca fibre and then how to weave it.  From Janet offering me the use of one her looms, insisting that I fix mistakes and Tracey helping me to fix them, I have discovered the amazing satisfaction of creating beautiful things from our own fibre.  Thank you both for your all your help and encouragement.


Susan and Jim Finan, South Shore Alpacas

From collaborating on knitting, weaving, spinning and dyeing ideas to shearing and trimming toenails, Sue and Jim are friends we know we can always count on.  Susan is incredibly creative and always a source of inspiration when it comes to doing things with alpaca fibre.   Susan was a big part of our 2010 Alpaca Farm Days and the Wilton Road Fibre Mill Open House, arriving early and leaving late and lending a hand wherever it was needed.  She also puts on a "Shearer's Lunch" that's truly amazing (right down to those wonderful home made pickles!)


Jen and Shawn Bedwell

Our daughter Jen is really more of a horse person (her retired showjumper Stompin' Tom is one of the "Other Barnyard Inhabitants"), but she and her husband Shawn are always ready to lend a hand with the alpacas (Ewoks to Shawn, fuzzybutts to Jen).  Jen's quiet and gentle ways with animals make her an integral part of the shearing team as our primary "headholder", and Shawn is always ready to help rake and bale hay or lend a hand with the countless other chores that always need to be done.  While they're not quite as enamoured with the alpacas as we are, both of them are quite fond of the finished products - alpaca socks, hats and thrum mitts. 


Nicholas Coles

Nick is our five year old grandson who refers to the herd as the "O'pakies".  While his favorite thing is driving the tractor (Moose) with his Grandpa, he is an invaluable help with filling water buckets, feeding the barn kitties, spreading wood shavings on the "poop" pile and fluffing hay for the alpacas - it's amazing how much work is involved in fluffing hay properly!  What we find interesting is that even though Nick is not here every day, the alpacas, especially the girls seem to know him and will come up to him, but they tend to be somewhat standoffish with small children who are just visiting.


Bill and Angela Stanley

Bill and Ange were friends long before we started raising alpacas and have been a part of the endeavour from the beginning.  They are an integral part of our shearing team (Bill is primary hip and shoulder holder, Ange does an amazing job trimming lower legs and topknots!)  Ange's nursing skills were greatly appreciated when a shearing nick needed a couple of stitches - it was wonderful to have someone there with the experience to do the job.  During Alpaca Farm Days, Bill and Angela manned the Bar-B-Que, cooking up countless hotdogs and hamburgers for hungry visitors.  Their help has been invaluable to us.


Marj Brady, Amazing Graze Alpacas

Another wonderful alpaca breeder who is never too busy to answer questions, provide support and sometimes just "talk alpaca."  She has an absolutely amazing sense of humour (as anyone who has read any of her articles can attest to), and always seems able to see the funny side of almost anything.  Marj is a breeder who is dedicated not only to the health and well-being of alpacas, but also to the industry as whole.  Another example of the kind of breeders we strive to be.


Dr. Sherri Smith, DVM

We first got to know Sherri quite a few years ago when one of our horses colicked and required a fair bit of veterinary intervention.  When we decided to start raising alpacas, we were thrilled to discover that Sherri had quite a bit of experience with llamas and alpacas, and was very knowledgable about working with them.  I have always been impressed not only with Sherri's kindness and gentle manner with the animals, but her genuine love for them.  She is also very understanding of owners' involvement with their animals and does her utmost to minimize the stress for both.  Sherri's present employment has taken her out of our area (our loss, Marj Brady's gain!), but I know she is a tremendous asset to those people whose animals she now cares for.  All the best Sherri, and thank you so much for caring!


Dr. Vince Politi, DVM Picton Animal Hospital

When Sherri left our area, we were left with the dilemma of finding a new vet to care for our alpacas.  Being a somewhat neurotic owner (I do tend to be overcautious), it had to be someone who was not only knowledgable about alpacas, but kind, caring and able to deal with their owner.  We were extremely fortunate that not only did someone suggest Vince, but he agreed to take us on as clients.  Not only is Vince an excellent vet, he never seems to rush and is always willing to take the time to talk and address any concerns we may have.  His office staff as well, are always friendly and cheerful and just a delight to deal with.  A very big "Thank You" to all of them!



Thank you very much for visiting Hickory Lane Alpacas website and meeting some of the people who haved helped make our dream a reality.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit, and we very much look forward to seeing you again.

Contact us for any information desired, will you?


Deb & Dave